Ayize Jama-Everett
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Ayize Jama-Everett

Ayize Jama-Everett is an African-American science fiction and speculative fiction writer, as well as a practicing therapist.

He is the author of the trilogy The Liminal People (self-published, 2009; Small Beer Press, 2012), The Liminal War (Small Beer Press, 2015) and The Entropy of Bones (Small Beer Press, 2015).

In his review of The Entropy of Bones, the writer Charles Yu describes Jama-Everett's work as "resist[ing] easy categorization. [The protagonist's] mixed racial background offers a potentially nuanced look from a perspective that seems underserved." He goes on to say: "If the book veers among different approaches — now a philosophical kung fu master story, now a seduction into a rarefied subculture, now an esoteric universe made from liner notes and the journal entries of a brilliantly imaginative teenager — there’s nevertheless a vitality to the voice and a weirdness that, while not always controlled or intentional, is highly appealing for just that reason." Jama-Everett himself sees his writing as a way to heal people who have long been ignored in mainstream popular culture. He asserts: “There’s a big wound in not being seen, in having your reality not being represented in any way.”

In 2021, Jama-Everett, collaborating with writer/illustrator John Jennings, published Box of Bones, an ethno-gothic horror comic. "A genre narrative rooted in collective trauma, with rotating artists. [...] This spirited project is part of the trend of ethno-gothic fiction in the comics market, and offers a landscape ripe to contemplate such spooky and strange fruit."