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Exclusive Interview with 2020 Eisner winner , David Walker

writer of the upcoming, The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History

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Catch acclaimed comics artist & writer Tim Fielder

of the upcoming Harper Collins GN, INFINITUM


Get free M-Squad Animated Series Digital Posters from David Brame here and here.

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BCAF On-Demand

MONDAY: 12:00pm

Marvel Voices

Spotlight with John Jennings

Spotlight with Tim Fielder

Women in Animation

Spotlight with Ken Quattro

CAM Spotlight with Keith Knight

SUNDAY: 12:00pm

Spotlight with Frederick Aldama

Spotlight with Avy Jetter

Spotlight with Tanna Tucker

Spotlight with Jaime Crespo

Sunday: 10:00am

Spotlight on Black

Why Scholarship on BIPOC Comics Matters II

SATURDAY: 12:00pm

David Walker with Shared Local History

Spotlight on Museum of Uncut Funk

Spotlight with J Gonzo

Spotlight with Bill Campbell

Spotlight on M-Squad

Never Black or Brown Enough

Spotlight on the Bluesman

SATURDAY: 10:00am

Spotlight on BOX of BONES

Spotlight on Bic Distro

Why Scholarship on BIPOC Comics Matters I

Download the BCAF2021 Poster from Tim Fielder!!!


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