2021-01-16, 12:00 PM

Spotlight on M-Squad


BCAF's Shawn Taylor puts the spotlight on the creative team of new animated series The 'M-Squad'.

‘The M-Squad’ is a new animated series from PECAN Studios about seven quirky characters, one magical world, and everything at stake! Dr. Moolah Lucre is a greedy financial genius and illegal profiteer, who must be stopped, and the M-Squad are the only ones who can do it.

Lucre is motivated by only one thing, acquiring all the money in the world for himself, and he particularly thrives during times of great strife and inequity, where poverty and the general misery of others fuel his greedy lust.

Find out more about the series from the creative team of Peter D. Coleman, David Brame, and Kenhalo Bernet.