2021-01-18, 12:00 PM

Marvel Voices with Angelique Roche


Join Angélique Roché, host of Marvel Voices, as she shines a spotlight on Academy Award-Winning screenwriter, John Ridley (12 Years A Slave),

best-selling YA novelist, Nic Stone, artist Stephanie Williams, and Danny Lore.

MARVEL’S VOICES #1 is not just a collection of stories and well-crafted essays, but the visual culmination of over two years of show development, traveling the country and interviewing dozens of Marvel writers, artists, actors and fans, many of whom wrote and created art for this issue.


For the last two years, Marvel’s Voices has solely existed as a podcast with video components aimed at spotlighting creatives of color around the Marvel Universe, and now it is a comic book in print and digital formats. Whether you are an avid listener of Marvel’s Voices, new to the franchise or just picked up this comic for the incredible list of artists and its amazingly dope cover by Ryan Benjamin, I want to provide a little context around the creation of Marvel’s Voices and how we got here.